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Hodgkinsons Contend for a Dementia Award

Hodgkinsons Solicitors are approached to register for an award regarding their work with Dementia.

Hodgkinsons Contend for a Dementia Award

Hodgkinsons’ Dementia Friend Champion, Tina Hill, has recently been approached by the Age Friendly Business Award Co-Ordinator following her presence at a local ‘Dementia Friend Event’ to discuss registering Hodgkinsons for an Award in acknowledgement of the steps the company have taken to assist clients suffering with dementia.

The organisation who hosts such awards is ‘T.E.D East Lindsey’ which stands for Talk, Eat, Drink. The ogranisation is funded by the BIG Lottery, under their Ageing Better Programme.

T.E.D aim to identify good attributes within companies and groups which help senior citizens and further develop and promote them. They work to reduce isolation and loneliness of elderly people within East Lindsey.

Tina has been instrumental in highlighting both internally and externally what the needs of clients are in these circumstances and she has assisted the Company in gaining a better understanding of Dementia, how it can affect the company’s clients and how employees can assist them to overcome any potential barriers caused by the condition.

The award coordinator has been very complimentary in acknowledging the work carried out by Tina and Hodgkinsons. However, in order to receive the award the company will be assessed against the award criteria and findings are discussed and submitted to the ‘Project Manager’ for assessment. If successful, the company will receive the ‘Age Friendly Business’ certificate. However it does not stop there and winning businesses will receive ‘mystery assessments’ to ensure that the award standards are maintained. Hodgkinsons will be assessed against the award criteria which include customer comfort, clear marketing and communications, employee training and attitude, age friendly employers and accessibility. All these areas when achieved help those living with Dementia to live more fulfilled lives by providing an excellent service and welcoming environment for customers.

Participating in this accreditation will allow Hodgkinsons to hold a prominent position within the local area. It will also make the local community aware that Hodgkinsons is a company who values the elderly, who helps to encourage a positive view of ageing and who puts those living with conditions such as Dementia, at the front of their minds. Hodgkinsons currently offer home visits for those who are not able to visit the offices.

If you require any more information, contact Tina Hill on 01754 897150.