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Intellectual Property Disputes

Brand, technology and intellectual capital are quickly becoming key assets for successful and expansive businesses. Intellectual Property disputes unfortunately occur more frequently in today’s technological society. Usually intellectual property falls in to one of two categories; registrable and non-registrable. 

Registrable intellectual property is commonly thought as easier to protect because it is possible to prove ownership of the intellectual property by reference to a register of intellectual property. That being said, it is possible to challenge registered intellectual property if they do not meet certain criteria. Intellectual Property disputes include:

Registrable Intellectual Property

  1. Infringement of Trademark;
  2. Infringement of UK Registered Design;
  3. Infringement of Community Registered Designs;
  4. Infringement of Patents.

Unregistered Intellectual Property

  1. Infringement of Copyright;
  2. Infringement of UK Unregistered Designs;
  3. Infringement of Community Unregistered Designs;
  4. Passing Off;
  5. Domain Name Disputes.

If you believe that someone has infringed your intellectual property rights, or you have been accused of infringing someone else’s intellectual property rights, contact our specialist intellectual property team. We will provide comprehensive advice as to best deal with the intellectual property infringement and deal with your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.