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Judical Review

Nearly all individual and business clients are required to engage with public bodies of one description or another in their personal and business life. The ability to seek a review of the actions of public bodies is a very important right available to our clients and often forms part of a wider case plan to restore the rights owed to individuals and businesses.

Our litigators have experience in bringing claims for judicial review against various bodies including DEFRA (the Rural Payments Agency), Local Planning Authorities, H M Revenue & Customs. We may co-ordinate initial enquiries with requests under the Freedom of Information Act. We also have experience in the VAT & Duties Tribunal and in appeals to the Planning Inspectorate.

Experience of the circumstances in which the review of public bodies’ decisions can be sought is crucial.

When a decision may be amenable to review by the High Court swift action is required to properly present the claim, initially to the decision making body and then ensuring that the claim is presented effectively within the very short time available for such claims.