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Road Traffic Offences

National statistics show that over 90% of drivers have at some point been accused of committing a motoring offence and this figure is on the rise.

With the ever increasing numbers of speed detection devices on our roads, the numbers of drivers amassing 12 points or more on their driving licence has significantly increased in recent years. Brief lapses of concentration could result in the loss of your driving licence for which there are serious consequences.

Whether you have been charged with a speeding offence, an alcohol related offence or even careless or dangerous driving, our Traffic Offence Team can provide you with specialist advice on all types of motoring offences which could prevent you from losing your licence or significantly reduce the period of disqualification itself. In addition, our specialist advice can positively assist in reducing the number of penalty points that would be endorsed on your licence.

Hodgkinsons Traffic Offence Team will provide you with crucial advice identifying any procedural and legal defects in the prosecution against you.

Our Traffic Offence Team has over 37 years of experience dealing with all types of motoring offences.

To find out more call our Traffic Offence Team on 01754 897150 or submit your enquiry online.