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National Single Parents Day - Hodgkinsons raise funds for family focused organisation - Gingerbread!

Here at Hodgkinsons, our Family Law Team are celebrating National Single Parents Day by organising a ‘Ginger’ themed bake sale!  All proceeds will go towards the Gingerbread Organisation, but what exactly is 'Gingerbread'? 

National Single Parents Day - Hodgkinsons raise funds for family focused organisation - Gingerbread!

Gingerbread have been speaking out for single parents for over a century. 

The organisation began life in February 1918 as the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child.  They have come a long way in the past 100 years along with the rights and needs of single parents.

After the **First World War, more women than ever found themselves without a partner to help raise their children. Single parent families received little protection from government, and unfortunately many faced a life of poverty. Lettice Fisher, a former social worker and economist, decided to act. She formed the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child in February 1918.

In 1970, a single mother, Tessa Fothergill, who resided in London, started a support group for parents like her to help combat some of the loneliness that she felt. The Sunday Times featured Tessa’s group, prompting hundreds of single parents from all over the country to get in touch. From this, a new charity providing support groups was born which was called Gingerbread – named after the café where the first support group met.

In 2007, the charities merged, creating one organisation with a powerful mix of campaigning experts, highly respected support services, and extensive grassroots to reach among single parents. For the new charity, they decided on the name Gingerbread. Their strapline, ‘single parents, equal families’, described, and continues to describe the essence of what they work towards through a mix of advice, influential campaigning and practical support.

Gingerbread now celebrates 100 years of working for and with single parent families. With single parent members at the heart of their work, they have changed laws, influenced government and challenged stigma and stereotype. Their expert advice and information and training programmes help thousands of single parents each and every year. 

Quite often, our Family Law Department guide and advise single parent families whether it be involving, children, finances or simply advising on the family matrix and the best way forward for all involved. 

In recognition of National Single Parent Day, our Family Department are holding a ginger themed bake sale and dress down day with all proceeds going towards the 'gingerbread' organisation. 

Without funds and awareness, organisations such as this simply could not continue and as 'Ginerbread' hold such a vital role for single parent families, Hodgkinsons are keen to raise as much awareness as possible throughout the day. 

If you would like to discuss a family matter with our matrimonial expert, Maria Parker, then please get in touch on 01754 897150 where she will be happy to help.