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Birth Injury Lawyers, Lincolnshire

If you or your child has been injured as a result of hospital negligence during birth call our Medical Negligence Team for a free case assessment on 01754 897150 or start your claim online and we will call you.

For most women, pregnancy and childbirth is a happy occasion, but sadly this is not always the case. Medical errors and mishandled births can have serious consequences on both a mother and baby’s health.

Whilst many health professions now have access to some of the most advanced scanning machinery, it is not uncommon for errors to arise from misdiagnosing or even missing health concerns with your baby at the outset of your pregnancy. When these errors occur it can sometimes lead to devastating consequences such as miscarriages and stillbirths.

Not only can mistakes arise during pregnancy but also whilst giving birth. Medical errors involving anaesthetics and medical instruments can lead to serious gynaecological harm for the mother and potential life impacting consequences on a baby’s health.

Common injuries caused to babies:

  • Cerebal palsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Fractures
  • Brain injury

Common injuries caused to mothers:

  • Fissures
  • Third and fourth degree perineal tears
  • Injuries resulting from poorly managed pre-eclampsia

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How we can help

If you have encountered a difficult birth and think you may be entitled to compensation then contact our specialist Team of Solicitors for a free case assessment. We will discuss your case with you at length, consider the options available to you and ensure you take the correct legal action necessary for your case.

We serve Clients in Skegness, Boston, Sleaford, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, rural Lincolnshire and throughout the UK.

If you would like to speak with a member of our specialist Team of Solicitors, please call 01754 897150 or submit a contact form