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Construction Disputes

Whether you are a Builder, Developer, Sub-Contractor or any other professional working within the construction industry, a construction dispute can occur and can become very expensive and stressful. Without finding the correct solution and managing protocols to avoid disputes, such construction disputes can attract unwanted and unnecessary cost, risk and distractions to your business. 

Our Team of Construction Specialists have an exceptional reputation and level of experience for dealing with such cases. Our familiarity with the construction industry means that we are well placed to provide advice on any matter relating to a construction dispute. In addition to this, our Team of Construction Specialists have extensive knowledge of the specific methods of resolving construction disputes, such as:

  1. Adjudication;
  2. Arbitration; and
  3. Litigation in the Technology and Construction Court.

If you anticipate that you may become involved in a construction dispute, or you have become involved in a construction dispute; then contact our specialist Construction Team. We provide decisive legal solutions that will demonstrate a clear understanding of your business and its commercial needs.