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Boundary Disputes

Most of our Clients own land. Conflict between land owners may arise in many different ways including properly understanding the physical positioning of the boundaries between parcels of land and the responsibility for maintaining the physical features of the boundary being frequent.

However, disputes may arise in other ways, including enforcing restrictions on the use of one piece of land for the benefit of another, interpretation and enforcement or cancellation of rights of enjoyment such as rights of way, sporting rights, etc.

Boundary disputes can be very difficult for the property owner and handling disputes in this area requires skill and sensitivity to minimise the distress and cost of the dispute. We have considerable experience in the Court processes by which such issues are resolved, including the High Court, the County Court, the Land Registry First Tier Tribunal – Property Chamber. It is by no means unusual to experience the need to apply for or respond to injunctions to protect legal property rights. Our knowledge and experience of the processes of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is valuable in dealing with these claims; perhaps more so than in any other area of litigation practice. 

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