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Medical Negligence No Win No Fee Solicitors, Lincolnshire

If you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, then contact us today for a free assessment of your claim. Our Personal Injury Team will provide you with the best possible advice without obligation.

No win – no fee : What does it mean?

Put simply, if you do not win your case, you do not pay our professional charges and expenses. Your case is covered by an agreement known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is now the most common way of funding a personal injury claim.

So if I lose my case?

If you have a Conditional Fee Agreement in place we will not get paid. Our promise under the no win – no fee agreement means that no charges will be paid by you to us.

What about my opponents costs?

In some cases, if you lose your case, you may be ordered to pay your opponent’s costs. The rules are complex and will be explained to you. We will ensure that you are protected against this. We can arrange a legal expenses insurance policy that will pay all your opponent’s costs so you walk away without paying personally.

Do I have to pay for the insurance policy?

No payment is required from you when the policy is taken out. If you lose your case the policy will pay the insurance premium for you – there is no charge to you. Only if you win your case, do you pay the cost of the insurance premium (from your compensation).

What do I pay if I win my case?

If we are successful and you recover compensation, we will seek payment of your basic legal costs and expenses from your opponent on top of your compensation award. In some cases those costs are fixed and may not cover all the costs incurred. If we have represented you under a no win no fee arrangement, we are entitled to a success fee payment which is strictly controlled by the government. Your contribution to all costs, after you have won, is no more than 25% of the compensation award (and is usually less subject to the amount you win).

Do I pay the insurance premium if I win my case?

Yes. The costs of the premium is deferred until you win your case and recover your compensation. The premium is then paid.

How much is the premium?

This depends upon the type, value and complexity of the case.  We have access to the legal expenses insurance market and will ensure that we obtain the best cover for your case.

Are there alternative ways to fund my claim?

Yes. We will check to see if you already have the benefit of a legal expenses policy attached to an existing insurance policy such as your house insurance. If you have cover in place, we will use the policy, subject to the terms of the scheme. This means that there will be no premium to pay win or lose.

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