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From Homeowner to Landlord: Top Tips when Renting for the First Time!

9th January 2024

Between 2008 and 2021, the UK has seen an increase of over 1 million households in the private rental sector, with this figure only increasing year on year due to the high demand for rental properties in light of high property prices. There are many reasons why people choose to enter the rental market, the main reason being as a long-term investment and to supplement other sources of income. Property ownership also allows for individuals to grow their wealth over time, generating passive income and often being left with an asset that is more valuable than when they initially purchased it.

Although entering the rental market comes with an abundance of benefits, there are many challenges that landlords face when renting for the first time. In this blog, we will explore some of our top tips for those wanting to enter the rental market and what important aspects must be considered in great detail before doing so.

Understanding the Laws and Regulations of the Private Rental Sector

When renting, there are various responsibilities that you have as a landlord, most of which are embedded in legislation. Below we...

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From Homeowner to Landlord: Top Tips when Renting for the First Time!
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