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Company & Partnership Disputes

Over time disagreements often occur in business, whether the business itself is run as a partnership or as a limited company / public limited company. Directors in companies are subject to stringent duties and it is common for Directors to become in dispute with the other Directors. In addition to disputes between the Directors; disputes between Shareholders or, ever more frequently, disputes between Shareholders and Directors, can occur.

Our Team of Commercial Business Dispute Resolution Specialists will work pragmatically, commercially and quickly to resolve your business dispute as cost-effectively as possible and with minimal risk. In every case we will take time to understand your business needs, your aims and objectives and will provide you with clear, commercial and practical advice. Our Specialists have extensive experience in:

  1. Disputes between Directors;
  2. Shareholder disputes including minority shareholder claims (also referred to as unfair prejudice claims);
  3. Claims relating to a limited company ran as a quasi-partnership;
  4. Bringing and defending claims for breach of Directors duties.

If you have encountered a dispute relating to a limited company and/or public limited company which you are a Shareholder or Director of, contact our Commercial Business Dispute Resolution Specialists.

Partnership disputes

Usually if two or more people engage in business, they either operate as a partnership, limited company, public limited company or LLP. Partnerships can occur in various situations which range from the formation of a partnership governed by a written partnership agreement to an oral partnership agreement, for which the terms of said agreement are vague or, commonly, the subject of a dispute.

Disputes between partners quickly cause damage to the business and it is therefore vital that all partnership disputes are resolved quickly. Our Team of Specialists will work quickly, effectively and pragmatically. In each and every case we will take time to understand the partnership, your business needs (as one of the Partners), your aims and objectives and the impact of the litigation on the partnership itself.

If you anticipate that you may become involved in a partnership dispute, or are involved in a partnership dispute; then contact our specialist Partnership Lawyers by calling 01754 897150 or submitting a contact form. We provide decisive legal solutions that will demonstrate a clear understanding of your business and its commercial needs.