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Anaesthetic Awareness, Lincolnshire

If you have been injured as a result of a poorly administered anaesthetic call our Medical Negligence Team for a free case assessment on 01754 897150 or start your claim online and we will call you.

Anaesthetic awareness is when a patient becomes conscious during surgery and it can be extremely distressing for the patient involved.

Whilst it is not common for people to wake during surgery, it has been known to happen and we have successfully secured compensation for many patients who have gone on to suffer as a consequence of incidents of this nature. 

When we undergo surgery we put our trust in anaesthetists to ensure that they properly anaesthetise us for the duration of the surgery. However, anaesthetists sometimes fail and mistakes can be made by their failure to:-

  • Use correct and adequate doses of anaesthetic;
  • Check equipment is working properly;
  • Appreciate and act upon visible signs of a failed anaesthetic prior to surgery.

The common outcome for most patients who have become conscious during surgery is post-traumatic stress. This includes experiences of flashbacks, nightmares, low mood, agitation and a fear of future surgery.

98% of our Clients who have participated in our Client survey rated our Medical Negligence claims service as excellent and would recommend us to others.

If you have suffered at the hands of a negligent anaesthetist and think you may be entitled to compensation then contact our specialist Team of Solicitors for a free case assessment. We will discuss your case with you at length, consider the options available to you and ensure you take the correct legal action necessary for your case.

We serve Clients in Skegness, Boston, Sleaford, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, rural Lincolnshire and throughout the UK.

To find out more call our Medical Negligence Team on 01754 897150 or start your claim online.

In Collaboration with Forrester Boyd

We understand that in certain situations regarding Medical Negligence Claims, the need for the perspective of an Accountant or Financial Adviser may be in your best interests. Here at Hodgkinsons we have formed a close alliance with top local independent Accountancy and Wealth Management Firm, Forrester Boyd, as selected Financial Planning Partners, who will be happy to provide you with the advice you need. Your Lawyer will review your circumstances based on the information you have provided and distinguish whether the expertise of an Accountant or Financial Adviser may be beneficial for you. The services provided by Forrester Boyd compliment that of Hodgkinsons in many aspects, which is why we have carefully selected them as one of our trusted financial partners.

Forrester Boyd share our ethos to provide only a personal, exceptional level of service which meets all aspects of our Client’s requirements. Our Lawyers will always ensure that your matter is in safe hands and with a financial partner like Forrester Boyd, you can guarantee that every possible aspect of your matter will be taken care of to an exceptional standard. Forrester Boyd work with Clients across the East Midlands and rural Lincolnshire to include Skegness, Louth, Beverley, Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Hull. To find out more about our relationship click here.