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Thinking of taking your children out of the country and on holiday? Or do you need consent first?

10th July 2024

More often than not, we get asked by parents who have recently gone through divorce whether they are able to take their child out of the Country on holiday or whether they first need permission from either the Court or the other parent before being able to do so.


I am currently pursuing a Claim for Medical Negligence but what will happen if I pass away?

14th June 2024

The length of time in which it takes a clinical negligence claim to conclude varies case by case and, although some claims can be settled within a year, others can take much longer.

Unfortunately, life can be unpredictable especially when you are suffering from a serious illness and it is...


Planning your Funeral Wishes

4th June 2024

Funeral Wishes

When a loved one passes away, this can understandably be an emotional whirlwind. That is why we would always encourage you to ensure measures are put in place to make the process as simple as possible for your friends and family.

Making a Will is a fundamental step when ensuring...


Grandparents Rights after Divorce! Do they have any and if so what are they?

10th May 2024

Sadly, the law does not automatically grant access to grandchildren after parents divorce and some grandparents are denied access altogether. So what can you do if you feel this applies to you?

Our Matrimonial team take a look at some of the steps you can take if you are faced with this situation....


National Single Parents Day - Hodgkinsons raise funds for family focused organisation - Gingerbread!

20th March 2024

Here at Hodgkinsons, our Family Law Team are celebrating National Single Parents Day by organising a ‘Ginger’ themed bake sale!  All proceeds will go towards the Gingerbread Organisation, but what exactly is 'Gingerbread'? 


From Homeowner to Landlord: Top Tips when Renting for the First Time!

9th January 2024

Between 2008 and 2021, the UK has seen an increase of over 1 million households in the private rental sector, with this figure only increasing year on year due to the high demand for rental properties in light of high property prices. There are many reasons why people choose to enter the rental...