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Common Delays When Buying A House

20th March 2019

Delays in the conveyancing process are not uncommon, however, if you are hoping that your property transaction completes as quickly as possible, we recommend that you are aware of the common causes of delays so that you are able to manage your affairs appropriately to ensure the process is as...

What Is Conveyancing?

8th March 2019

When buying or selling a property many people are unsure about the work a Conveyancer carries out which, therefore, makes them skeptical as to whether they should pay out for their services. This blog outlines exactly what our Conveyancers can do for you should you instruct them.

Hodgkinsons Celebrates World Book Day with St Barnabas Hospice

7th March 2019

In a bid to get involved in the biggest celebration of reading, the employees here at Hodgkinsons Solicitors, Skegness, have gathered a collection of books which will be donated to St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire.

How Do You Recover Rent Arrears?

22nd February 2019

Rent arrears are a common concern for many Landlords. When they suffer a loss of rent this can have a significant impact on their business. Recovering rent arrears can be a difficult process which is why our specialist Dispute Resolution Team are here to explain how to proceed when such disputes...

A Ban on Tenant Fees Is to Be Introduced On 1st June 2019

22nd February 2019

The UK Government have announced the introduction of a Tenant Fees Bill in an attempt to ban letting fees for Tenants. So, what does this mean for Landlords?

How Do You Recover Unpaid Invoices or Debts?

20th February 2019

When customers do not pay your invoices, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. If your chasing letters have not resulted in payment, we recommend that you take legal action to ensure that you get the money you are owed.