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Landlord & Tenant

Many of us think that renting out a property will be an easy, cost effective and stress free venture but complications can soon arise and the overwhelming obligations Landlords now have to meet only adds to the pressure involved in renting out a property.  

The law in this area is often changing and as of October 2015 the law has become even more complicated for Landlords to follow. It is important that Landlords therefore understand their responsibilities and the commitment involved in renting out their properties.

How we can help

We have Solicitors on hand with realms of experience in this area to advise and guide you through any aspect of renting out your property.

We help from reducing the risk of conflicts which might arise between Landlords and Tenants to resolving conflicts already underway.

Our specialist Solicitors often provide advice to local Estate Agents, Private Landlords and also Letting Agents.

We have built up our portfolio of Landlord based Clients by providing an unrivalled level of service in a quick, cost effective and professional manner.