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Do I Need a Solicitor When Making A Personal Injury Claim?

No matter how severe the injury is, we explain why you should instruct a Solicitor to deal with your Personal Injury claim.

Do I Need a Solicitor When Making A Personal Injury Claim?

When someone has been injured as a result of an accident which was not their fault, the effects can often be life changing, therefore they may be entitled to compensation. The occurrence of such injuries may affect the victim’s quality of life, ability to work and their financial stability. Such compensation is awarded to cover treatment costs and financial losses which may happen due to the injury.

It is not uncommon for people to assume that claiming for an injury is a straightforward process and that it will be easy to file the claim and win compensation without the help of a Personal Injury Solicitor. Likewise, it is a common misconception that claimants will receive a bigger settlement if they do not have to pay Solicitor fees. As a result of this, claimants often let insurance companies deal with the claim as they assume it will be less confusing and more rewarding. However, Solicitors are known to obtain significantly more compensation than what insurers offer to the claimant direct.

Whilst an insurer’s settlement amount may seem tempting, their priority is to pay out compensation at the lowest amount possible and where they can, make no settlement at all. Many insurers contact the injured party if they are told that their insured caused the accident which is often mistaken by the injured victim as good practice. This tactic however is a bid to try and get the injured party to settle the claim straight away, often resulting in the victim settling for too little. This also often occurs when people accept “pre-medical offers” which is very common. Pre-medical offers are proposals of compensation for an injury based on a brief knowledge of the nature, extent and long-term effect of the injuries without the expertise of a medical opinion.

Through exploration of legal advice, you can determine whether your claim is worth the insurer’s offer or not. Solicitors offer the knowledge and experience necessary to act as your legal representative whereas if you do not have a thorough understanding of Personal Injury law and you attempt to settle the claim yourself, you will struggle to argue your case. Examples may include legal jargon, if you are unaware of certain terminology this may generate confusion and create barriers in communication between parties. Throughout the claim process it is likely that obstacles may arise which require legal knowledge, which a Solicitor can provide. Personal Injury Solicitors will aim to get the claimant the compensation they deserve by proving that the other party was at fault by providing evidence that their negligence resulted in injury. In many cases this requires witness testimonies and expert advice.

When filing for a Personal Injury claim all the consequences which have or may arise from your injury should be accounted for. A Solicitor can identify these and will be able to predict any future damages which may include suffering, reduced earnings, loss of income (both present and in the future) and medical expenses. Solicitors will determine whether your claim has merit and then initiate and negotiate the outcome of the claim for you and they often achieve this without going to court. Whilst evaluating such aspects is difficult, Hodgkinsons have access to some of the country’s most skilled barristers and medical experts who will assess both the severity of your injuries and total claim value. In cases where there are serious injuries, it is logical to obtain a medical report from at least one specialist. In some cases, numerous doctors specialising in different medical fields may be required. By instructing an expert to assist with your claim, this will help to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Whilst legal fees may be a concern, Hodgkinsons offer a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement which means that there is no financial risk. When you do not instruct a Solicitor, you risk not getting the compensation you deserve.

Have you been involved in an accident which was not your fault and suffered as a result of this? Contact Hodgkinsons’ Personal Injury Team on 01754 897150 for a free case assessment. Alternatively, visit our website at for more information. Our team are based in Skegness and they represent individuals across rural Lincolnshire and the UK.