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Hodgkinsons get ‘Nifty with a Fifty’ for St Barnabas

Throughout April to June, Hodgkinsons undertake St Barnabas’ Accumulator Challenge to ‘get nifty with a fifty’.​

Hodgkinsons get ‘Nifty with a Fifty’ for St Barnabas

Over a three-month period, Hodgkinsons will once again be supporting St Barnabas Hospice by participating in their current ‘Accumulator Challenge’. Each team receives £50 credit from the Hospice and the task is to raise as much money as possible using innovative methods. St Barnabas kindly asks that each team involved attempt to convert the £50 into at least £100. From Tuesday the 3rd of April to Saturday the 30th of June, businesses across Lincolnshire will see how much money they can raise in support of their local Hospice.

In efforts to raise money, Hodgkinsons recently held a bake sale within the beginning of April which raised a total of £55.80 alongside a ‘Dress Down Day’ within the office which raised £17.80 and are due to host a stand at the local ‘Burgh Roundabout’ carboot sale on Friday the 25th of May.

The event is unique in comparison to other events such as the ‘Colour Dash’, which Hodgkinsons have recently also participated as the ‘Accumulator Challenge’ will not count fundraising from other such initiatives within the total.

The winning team will be determined by:

  • Which team raises the most money.
  • Which team has the most innovative fundraising ideas.
  • Which team member has performed the best.

To ensure the process is fair, an average figure based on the final figure against the number of employees within the company will be generated. Some companies may have multiple teams, in this case, the average will be determined by the number of participants within the team.

As a result of this, the team which raises the highest amount of money will be awarded with a trophy at a ‘Celebration Evening’ which will be held in July at the Lincoln City Football Club. The event will allow local, participating businesses to network whilst sharing their success.

Engaging with this fundraiser provides Hodgkinsons with the opportunity to raise money which will contribute to the annual fees of the charity. Donations will help to secure the future of our local Hospice, allowing them to continue to provide their services across Lincolnshire to those living with a life-limiting or terminal illness.

Chloe Sullivan, Team Leader of Hodgkinsons ‘Accumulator Challenge’ commented: “Here at Hodgkinsons we are always looking for ways to support our local Charity of choice, St Barnabas. I think the new ‘Accumulator Challenge’ is a fantastic way for us to continue to support St Barnabas whilst encouraging our staff to work as team all for a good cause.”

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