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Hodgkinsons Receives Award for Being a ‘Dementia Friendly’ Business

Tina Hill, Hodgkinsons ‘Dementia Friend Champion’ receives an award on behalf of Hodgkinsons Solicitors for their work towards becoming a ‘Dementia Friendly’ business.

Hodgkinsons Receives Award for Being a ‘Dementia Friendly’ Business

Following Dementia Awareness Week which ran between 15th – 21st May, Tina Hill a Chartered Legal Executive within Hodgkinsons' Wills & Probate Department, attended a ‘Dementia Friendly Celebration Event’ on Thursday 24th May 2018, held by the Skegness Dementia Action Alliance.

Tina Hill is co-chair to the Skegness’ Dementia Action Alliance and also stands as Hodgkinsons ‘Dementia Friend Champion’ who passes on her knowledge to her colleagues and surrounding community. The Dementia Action Alliance in Skegness is a group of local people of all professions who aim to make Skegness a Dementia friendly town and all the businesses within Skegness, Dementia friendly businesses.

Throughout the event, Tina delivered a speech discussing examples of excellent practice and also held a stand promoting Hodgkinsons’ services. The award was granted by Councillor Graham Marsh, to Hodgkinsons for their efforts within the past year for working towards becoming a Dementia friendly business. This included such things like Dementia Friend Training for all employees, having a Dementia Champion to train new staff and for continuously working towards improving and adapting the whole business to help those with Dementia.

The ‘Dementia Friends Course’ teaches employees awareness of the needs of people who are living with Dementia and how Hodgkinsons can help those who may be affected by this. Hodgkinsons are aware that those living with Dementia may include clients from across their spectrum of services and not only their Wills & Probate Department. For example, an individual with Dementia may still purchase a house. Hodgkinsons aim to understand how to deal with such individuals across all services in the best way possible.

Tina Hill commented: “As I work within the Wills & Probate Department, many of my clients are elderly. I always thought that I was aware of the characteristics associated with Dementia and that I had a reasonable understanding of what the condition was. However, through becoming a Dementia Friend I soon realised that it is much more complex than I ever imaged. I now understand that it affects many other people besides the clients who I deal with.”

When people are diagnosed with Dementia, they may automatically shut themselves off. Individuals living with Dementia may become confused or have difficulty thinking within noisy atmospheres and when presented with unclear, confusing signage and items such as doormats and shiny floors which may cause panicking. By having clean, spacious offices with clear signage and low levels of noise Hodgkinsons aim to promote a calm and hassle-free environment which will provide such individuals with ease and comfort. Hodgkinsons are aware that if the office environment is not suitable for clients with Dementia, they will be very unlikely to return.

By being Dementia Friendly Hodgkinsons ensures that such clients do not feel under pressure or intimidated within the environment and that they are understood, valued and feel secure. Hodgkinsons aims to provide such individuals with the encouragement and support they need to remain part of the local community and to live more fulfilled lives. It is Hodgkinsons aim to help people affected by Dementia to feel included and make life easier for them by being aware and sympathetic to their needs to ensure they do not feel isolated.

If you require any more information, contact Tina Hill on 01754 897150.