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How Can Hodgkinsons Solicitors Help With Your Disputes?

Whether you are a private or corporate client, Hodgkinsons Solicitors Dispute Resolution Team can help you to resolve a wide range of disputes on either a national or international basis.

How Can Hodgkinsons Solicitors Help With Your Disputes?

Our Commercial and Civil Litigation Team have many years of experience to ensure that you receive only the best legal advice and representation. Angela Sparks, Sheree Richardson and Gemma Middleton form the Department and represent Clients including large corporate companies and private individuals in the UK and abroad.

The common types of disputes the team deal with include:

  •     Professional Negligence
  •     Debt Recovery
  •     Construction Disputes
  •     Neighbour Disputes
  •     Company & Partnership Disputes
  •     Contract Disputes
  •     Boundary Disputes
  •     Judical Review
  •     Intellectual Property Disputes

The Department have unparalleled experience of Alternative Dispute Resolution and will suggest methods such as Mediation where they see appropriate. Our Lawyers will always explore the most effective and efficient process to resolve your dispute. In every case we take time to understand the needs of the individual or business and the effects each method of dispute resolution may have on your individual or commercial reputation.

We understand that one of the biggest concern’s Clients have when considering whether to pursue claims through Solicitors are the legal costs involved. Our Team are happy to offer an initial no obligation telephone call or appointment to advise you on whether the claim is worth pursuing. It is not uncommon for Clients to worry that the cost of pursuing a dispute will cost more than what the case is worth which is why we offer different funding methods subject to the circumstances of each case.

If you believe that we can help you with any legal issues described throughout this blog, do not hesitate to contact us. To contact us call 01754 897150 and a member of the Dispute Resolution Team will be happy to assist you. To find out more about Angela, Sheree or Gemma, you can visit their online profiles. Alternatively, you can complete an online claim form and a member of the Team will call you. Whether you live in Skegness, Rural Lincolnshire or elsewhere in the UK, we can help you.