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How Important Really is Safety Equipment?

When an employer fails to provide their staff with the necessary safety equipment, the effects of exposure to harmful conditions and dangerous substances can often be devastating but how important really is safety equipment?

How Important Really is Safety Equipment?

It was estimated that in the year 2016/17 a total of 609,000 workers suffered as a result of poor employment conditions. This amounted to 31.2 million lost working days. Common causes which contributed to this figure were the lack of staff training, a failure to maintain work equipment, poor working conditions and an absence of Personal Protective Equipment.

Almost every workplace undergoes thorough risk assessments and many implement tight controls over their work environment. However, even in such workplaces, employees may be subject to further Health and Safety hazards such as contaminated air, falling debris, corrosive liquids, excessive noise and extreme temperatures. This is where Protective Equipment is necessary.

Personal Protective Equipment may include helmets, eye protection, respiratory equipment, gloves, hearing protection, footwear, high-visibility clothing and even safety harnesses. Employers have a duty to keep their employees and others safe at work and must comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety Act 1974.

When the necessary protective equipment is worn accordingly, workers can reduce the risk of breathing in toxic substances, injuries caused to limbs and damage to their hearing and eyesight. Wearing such equipment is vital to reduce the chances of workplace injuries and can often be the difference between life or death.

Protective Equipment is vital in various occupations from Construction to Coal Mining, however it should be used in conjunction with the provision of training, instructions, procedures and supervision to ensure that employees are working both safely and responsibly. Measures such as this are methods to prevent and minimise the likelihood of injuries or harm in the workplace as hazards may still be present even when such procedures are in place.

It is important that Personal Equipment is genuine. Unfortunately, there are now many fake versions of Personal Equipment on the market which do not provide the necessary protection required due to their low-quality nature.  

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