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Identifying the Signs of Medical Negligence

Knowing whether medical negligence has occurred or not can be confusing. In our latest blog our Medical Negligence Solicitors set out several indications which may suggest that you have been a victim of medical negligence to help avoid uncertainty. Read more to find out whether you have a claim…

Identifying the Signs of Medical Negligence

When misdiagnosis, poor treatment or surgical errors occur, the consequences for the victim can be devastating. Whilst a patient may feel disheartened about the care they have received, how are they to know whether they have been treated negligently?

Victims of medical negligence deserve compensation for the pain and suffering they have endured, alongside any lost income or other financial stress which has resulted from the negligence caused. It is, therefore, vital that negligence is distinguished, and a full explanation is provided so that victims can get the justice they deserve.

Common signs which indicate that negligence may have occurred might be:

  • Your treatment does not seem to be working or your condition does not improve;
  • Your condition worsens or another condition develops as a result of incorrect treatment;
  • Your doctor has not taken your concerns into consideration;
  • You have received a different second-opinion;
  • An error was made during a treatment or surgery which you have been notified of;
  • There is a lack of communication and unwillingness to answer questions about your condition;
  • There is a lack of aftercare following your treatment or illness;
  • You have been suddenly referred to other specialists.

If you think that you may have experienced any of the above, you should now consider whether you have suffered an injury because of this. If you think you have then you should aim to contact our friendly Team of medical negligence experts who can advise you on whether you have a potential claim or not.

At Hodgkinsons we will help you to get the answers you deserve. Our Team are highly skilled and have exceptional knowledge within this field of Law. They also have access to leading medical experts who can help your case by offering an independent medical opinion and analysis. Throughout all claims, our Solicitors will assist victims to collate proof of their suffering by also obtaining medical reports.

Whilst such claims can be complex, our Team have the ability to act for all types of claims including Hospital Negligence, GP Negligence, Pharmacy Negligence and Cancer Claims. Whether your claim is against the NHS, a private hospital, dental practice, cosmetic surgeon or otherwise, we can help to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

As there is a strict time limit of 3 years for medical negligence claims, we recommend that you contact our Team of Medical Negligence Solicitors who can provide you with a free, confidential review of your potential claim. They can help you to identify the validity of your claim and provide you with advice on what steps to take next. If your claim has merit, our Solicitors will be by your side from initial instruction through to settlement of your claim.

It is understandable that cost is a considerable cause of concern for anyone making a claim, but here at Hodgkinsons we handle claims on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This means that there will be no financial risks for you because if your case is unsuccessful, you will not pay anything.

Whether you are located in the East Midlands, rural Lincolnshire or the surrounding areas of Skegness to include Boston, Louth, Grimsby and Lincoln, Hodgkinsons Solicitors can help you with your claim. To discuss your potential claim with our specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors, call Hodgkinsons on 01754 897150 or submit a contact form and a member of the Team will be in touch.