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Your Social Media Could Affect Your Medical Negligence Claim More Than You Think!

Are you thinking about, or in the process of, making a Medical Negligence claim? Be careful about what you post on your social media!

Your Social Media Could Affect Your Medical Negligence Claim More Than You Think!

Social media plays a substantial role in the majority of people’s everyday lives whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another platform! People often use the sites to share events and to tell others what is happening within their private lives through text, photos and videos which are open to social commentary and debate. Many people often feel temptation to post about their experiences whether positive or negative.

However, whilst your privacy settings may be highly restricted, we often forget that information we share still may be seen by people who you do not know, including those such as defendant solicitors and insurance companies.

By making a Medical Negligence claim the Solicitor aims to claim compensation and obtain damages to put the client back into the position they would have been if the negligence had not occurred. Therefore, the compensator will undertake whatever steps they feel necessary to undermine such claims and minimise damages. Social media channels are increasingly being used as ‘surveillance methods’ to investigate claimants as it is a very cheap and effective alternative method whether it is through posts directly made by claimants or posts made by their family and friends.

Any Medical Negligence claim aids to prove that the claimant’s life has been negatively impacted either physically or mentally or both. Posts on social media may be used by the defendant party to illustrate inconsistency with the claim being made against them. One example would be if a claimant posts pictures doing exercise at the gym whilst at the same time bringing a claim for injuries which technically prevents them from doing so.

Although it is not being said that claimants should avoid social media completely, caution should be exercised and they must be aware of the possibility of profiles being viewed by third parties who may aim to find inconsistencies or discrepancies in their claim.

If you are thinking about making a claim of Medical Negligence, contact our specialist team of Medical Negligence Solicitors to discuss your case & the next steps to take to progress your claim further. Call 01754 897150 or submit an online claim form for more information. Here at Hodgkinsons we serve not only clients in Skegness and rural Lincolnshire, but throughout the entire UK.