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Steve Hill Investigates Whether Failure to See the Same GP Could Result in Medical Negligence

The Government pledges to improve standards of care following discoveries that a ‘lack of continuity’ is linked to the number of admissions to hospitals which are currently at their highest.

Steve Hill Investigates Whether Failure to See the Same GP Could Result in Medical Negligence

It is a rare occurrence that patients are able to visit the same GP at every appointment. When visiting our GP it is common that we see multiple different medical practitioners and GPs. Infact, since 2012 the chances of visiting the same GP has fallen by over 25%.

For those individuals who have complex health problems or even the elderly, seeing the same GP is highly beneficial. It can become extremely frustrating for patients having to repeat their medical history every time they visit a different doctor and more often than not certain aspects can get forgotten or missed.

Mistakes can happen when a GP is unaware of a patients’ medical history which could lead to a misdiagnosis or failure to spot a condition.

Relationship continuity is valued by both GPs and patients as it can have significant positive effects when it comes to recognising health problems and medication regimes. Through continuity, GPs can aim to reduce hospital admission rates to achieve a more cost-effective use of healthcare resources.

It has been discovered that many patients have found themselves in Hospital due to a lack of care from their GP. Interestingly, these patients were found to have seen a series of different GP’s.

Fewer errors are said to be made when continuous care is provided. Continuity of care allows a GP to provide holistic care as they are aware of the patient’s physical, psychological and social past. When GPs are able to recall their patient’s history, consultations then become more productive and a lot easier.

It is becoming harder than ever however to achieve continuity of care as the workforce faces shortages and GP funding is cut. Patients are losing out on this valuable service and for those GPs who value the relationships they have with their patients; the profession is fast becoming less attractive. 

Whilst it may be possible to request that you have an appointment with a certain GP at your local practice you may receive a longer waiting time which is unfavourable if you have an urgent matter.  

If you have been affected by GP negligence and have since suffered as a result of this, contact our specialist Medical Negligence solicitors on 01754 897150 or fill out an online form at to discuss your case.