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Hodgkinsons Solicitors form alliance with local Accountancy & Wealth Management Firm, Forrester Boyd

Leading Lincolnshire Law Firm, Hodgkinsons Solicitors Skegness, discuss the recent relationship they have formed with top local independent Accountancy and Wealth Management Firm, Forrester Boyd, as one of their carefully selected Financial Planning Partners. 

Hodgkinsons Solicitors form alliance with local Accountancy & Wealth Management Firm, Forrester Boyd

Hodgkinsons Solicitors have been an established name in the Lincolnshire legal sector since 1981, offering a comprehensive range of legal services to Clients throughout the East Midlands. Hodgkinsons have established a platform of various legal services, specialising in Personal Injury, Residential & Commercial Property, Wills & Probate, Dispute Resolution, Industrial Disease, Family Law and Medical Negligence.

It has always been the aim of our Company to provide our Clients with the best possible advice and guidance they require, and to provide them with the necessary contacts when matters do not fall within our remit or expertise, such as accountancy and wealth management.

Throughout the last 39 years, we have formed relationships with leading Companies throughout the local community to ensure that we always have the ability to provide our Clients with answers to their queries from reliable and trustworthy sources, such as Forrester Boyd.

Forrester Boyd have an outstanding reputation for offering core accountancy services including, tax planning, payroll, wealth management and corporate finance alongside a range of specialist services.

No matter your legal query, our Lawyers are committed to taking the time to understand your needs and circumstances to ensure that they provide you with all the legal assistance you require. We understand that in certain situations, the need for the perspective of an accountant or financial adviser may be beneficial, if not vital. It is not uncommon for issues regarding tax to become apparent during Wills & Probate matters, or issues regarding money to become apparent during Matrimonial matters, and the same can be said for Commercial and Residential Property matters. In almost every legal sector, it can be guaranteed that advice from an accountant or financial adviser is recommended, whether you have received monetary compensation, or your case is regarding your business. The services provided by Forrester Boyd compliment that of Hodgkinsons in many aspects, which is why we have carefully selected them as one of our trusted financial partners.

As a company we pride ourselves in our ability to provide solutions to complex legal issues using creative and cost-effective solutions and drawing upon the expertise of our Teams of specialist Lawyers. With Forrester Boyd as a trusted financial partner we can guarantee to provide a service that is above and beyond our usual standards. When it comes to our Clients, Forrester Boyd share our ethos to provide only a personal and exceptional level of service which meets all aspects of our Clients requirements. Our Lawyers will always ensure that your matter is in safe hands and with a financial partner like Forrester Boyd, you can guarantee that every possible aspect of your matter will be taken care of to an exceptional standard.

At Hodgkinsons we are proud of the relationship we have formed with Forrester Boyd, as their expertise and experience can allow us to provide our Clients with a seamless experience and resolution to their legal matter. We believe that the alliance with Forrester Boyd is a reflection of our business culture and we hope that our Clients, both current and prospective, reap the benefits of our working relationship with this fantastic accountancy and wealth management firm.

Our Teams, at both Hodgkinsons Solicitors and Forrester Boyd, work with Clients across the East Midlands and rural Lincolnshire to include Skegness, Louth, Beverly, Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Hull. To enquire about a legal matter, call Hodgkinsons on 01754 897150 or submit a contact form and a member of the Team will be in touch.