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Reaching a financial settlement is always a cause of considerable concern to anybody contemplating divorce proceedings. We have a great deal of experience in negotiating financial settlements for our Clients. Our Team has forged very strong links with the very best Experts including Forensic Accountants, Property Valuers and Actuaries so that we can ensure that you are in the best possible hands.

The law sets out the criteria which must be taken into account when formulating financial settlements. The primary concern of the Court is the welfare of any dependent children. The Courts must also take into account your income and earning capacity, savings, housing needs, pensions, the duration of the relationship, the overall contributions, your health and any other circumstances of the case. In divorce the Court has the power to make a variety of orders:

  1. Periodical payments
  2. The Transfer of property
  3. The payment of a lump sum
  4. A Pension Sharing Order

Our Family Law Team has over 39 years of experience dealing with applications for financial orders in divorce proceedings.

To find out more call our Family Law Team on 01754 897150 or submit your enquiry online.