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Why Should You Use A Solicitor When Buying or Selling A Home?

Bringing in the help of a conveyancer naturally increases the overall costs, however, by doing so can carry far more benefits and reduce the overall costly risks if you were to try and carry out the transaction alone and get it wrong!​

The laws associated with the process of buying or selling a residential property can often be complex and confusing. Employing the services of a conveyancer can carry great benefits and remove the stress associated with such transactions.

Conveyancing is the process of legal work undertaken between the acceptance of an offer and the completion of the sale. Depending upon on the type of property sale, the process can differ and therefore extra measures must be taken into consideration when purchasing different types of properties.

Upon instructing a conveyancer to handle the legal aspects of your property transaction, a number of tasks will be carried out. The following is an example of the type of work undertaken by your conveyancer and will include:

  • Obtain title deeds
  • Support you in filling out the necessary questionnaires
  • Handle contracts - Draw up, Assess and Distribute 
  • Give legal advice and recommendations
  • Liaise with the other side to negotiate a moving date
  • Carry out local searches
  • Organise the final accounts and prepare for completion
  • Approve the deed of transfer
  • Stamp duty charges and payments
  • Deal with the Land Registry

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, you can see that your solicitor will carry out all the necessary work to ensure that you legally own the property without any errors.

Individuals who might be considering not instructing a solicitor will be responsible for carrying out these tasks and ensuring that all the necessary documents are not only completed correctly but also securely stored. Any mistakes made throughout the process could lead to costly litigation, resulting in far more expensive legal and court fees when trying to rectify mistakes.

Lengthy paper work can often slow down a transaction, especially if you do not know how to fill it in correctly. Instructing a solicitor to act in your sale or purchase will ensure that the process is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, resulting in fewer delays.

Purchasing or selling a home often involves large financial commitments. Therefore, it benefits you to put your trust into the hands of a specialist conveyancer who is an expert in their field.

It benefits to instruct a local conveyancer who is likely to know the local market and have connections with local estate agents, something which cannot be provided by internet conveyancers.

Instructing a conveyancing lawyer is sought to be the preferred option as it reduces the hassle and provides a far more enjoyable experience than having to handle matters alone.  

Hodgkinsons’ qualified conveyancing lawyers can offer a full range of legal services, deal with any difficulties which might arise throughout the property transaction, explain the situation clearly and keep you informed at all times. Our conveyancing department pride themselves on their ability to offer location, communication and a personalised service which provides their clients with complete peace of mind.

If you require legal help regarding a Residential Property, please call our Residential Conveyancing Department on 01754 897150 who will be happy to provide you with a free estimate on the likely costs of your conveyancing matters.