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Hodgkinsons Solicitors Help to Build the Futures of Apprentices

Throughout ‘National Apprenticeship Week 2021’ we have been celebrating the event by releasing exclusive insights into the life of an Apprentice here at Hodgkinsons Solicitors, Skegness. As a Company we are strong advocates of the Apprenticeship Scheme and we reveal why in our latest blog.

Hodgkinsons Solicitors Help to Build the Futures of Apprentices

For many years, our Company has been committed to adopting and encouraging the apprenticeship scheme. A number of our employees began their career in law with us by initially starting as an apprentice. We view the apprenticeship scheme as a stepping stone into a career in law, which allows you to learn a new set of skills and constantly expand your knowledge. We are committed to helping our apprentices progress in their roles by continuously providing them with the support, knowledge, insight, and time they need to fulfil their role to the best of their abilities.  

In previous years, we have recruited a number of apprentices who remain with us today, their achievements within the firm are continuously increasing and they all show determination and a hard work ethic to continue to progress their careers here at Hodgkinsons Solicitors. Those of our Team who began with us as apprentices include Kira Young, Jemma Middleton, Charlie Mahon, and Travan Chandler. In light of ‘National Apprenticeship Week 2021’ we interviewed them to find out what being an apprentice at Hodgkinsons Solicitors is really like….

Kira Young – Legal Assistant for Wills & Probate and Family Law

Kira Young started her career at Hodgkinsons in 2017, shortly after completing her A-levels. She initially began as an Admin Apprentice for our Industrial Disease and Personal Injury departments. Shortly after joining us, Kira began to progress her apprenticeship by assisting various other departments including Archiving, Residential Conveyancing, and Medical Negligence. Through completion of her apprenticeship she gained a Level 3 Business Administration Qualification. Following this, in 2018 Kira accepted the role as a Legal Assistant to Lisa Wilkinson covering our Industrial Disease and Debt Recovery departments. In 2019, she then expanded her responsibilities to also assist Maria Parker within our Family Law department.  Kira now acts as the Legal Assistant within the Wills & Probate and Family Law Departments. Kira has found that her apprenticeship has allowed her to explore and expand her general knowledge of law, allowing her to understand the processes involved with a number of cases from making a claim, writing a will, or proceeding through a divorce.

Kira Young commented: “I think I have overall achieved more through the apprenticeship scheme as I have first-hand experience of all the departments and how law firms operate. I think my near four years of being here have been a great opportunity to progress gradually whilst learning a variety of different practising laws.” 

Jemma Middleton – Assistant Legal Secretary for Personal Injury

Jemma Middleton started her career with us in 2018 as an Admin Apprentice within our Medical Negligence and Personal Injury departments. Through completion of her apprenticeship, she gained a Level 2 Business Administration Qualification. Following this, Jemma accepted the role as an Assistant Legal Secretary within our Medical Negligence Department. Jemma’s current role poses a vast array of responsibilities from typing and filing away documents, keeping files up to date, requesting medical records, handling new enquiries, and preparing and sending Client correspondence.

Jemma Middleton commented:  “I haven’t looked back since I started here in 2018! My experience as an apprentice overall has been a positive one. Apprenticeships are a helpful steppingstone to get you on the right track career wise to where you want to be, without staying in full time education. As a practical learner this was a massive benefit to me and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Charlie Mahon – Assistant Legal Secretary for Residential Conveyancing

Charlie Mahon joined the team at Hodgkinsons in 2017 as an Admin Apprentice. Since joining us, Charlie has worked within various departments including Family Law, Wills & Probate, Archiving, and Residential Conveyancing. Assisting various departments has allowed Charlie to expand her skill set and knowledge of the way our company operates. Through completion of her apprenticeship she has gained a Level 2 Business Administration Qualification and accepted the role as an Assistant Legal Secretary within our Residential Conveyancing Department.

Charlie Mahon commented: “It’s a great way to get started in a professional career by getting a qualification and being able to earn money at the same time. You also get help from tutors and work colleagues with any coursework which is really helpful.”

Travan Chandler – Wills & Probate Paralegal

Travan Chandler joined Hodgkinsons in 2012 as an Admin Apprentice. Since joining us, Travan has fulfilled various roles including that of an Admin Apprentice, Receptionist, and Secretary. Through completion of her apprenticeship, she gained a Level 3 Business Administration Qualification and accepted a permanent role at Hodgkinsons where she has since found her niche within the Wills & Probate Department. By transitioning through numerous roles within the Company, Travan has gained legal experience to support the development of her career. In recent years Travan has dedicated herself to her studies to obtain a Specialist Paralegal Qualification in Wills, Probate and Administration which has allowed her to progress into the role of a Wills & Probate Paralegal.

Travan Chandler commented: “I learnt a lot whilst being an Apprentice and I got to work in many different departments to see how their work was carried out. I decided to work and study part time to keep that knowledge.”

Undertaking an apprenticeship has allowed our employees to gain firsthand experience of working within a law firm, whilst developing their knowledge in law, and skills in customer service. As a Company we regularly offer apprenticeship opportunities to provide dedicated individuals with a direct gateway into the field of law. We are committed to helping to build the future, by training apprentices up to become experts in their field.

If you want to start your career in law and you are interested in joining Hodgkinsons Solicitors as an apprentice, we recommend you monitor our website in the coming weeks, which will detail any apprenticeship vacancies arising and set out how you can apply for an apprenticeship position with us.  The scheme will provide you with an opportunity to develop secretarial and administration skills in the legal sector, ensuring that you earn as you learn and that you are given support to achieve your career development goals.

If you require legal advice from any of the departments mentioned above, our Team will be happy to help you. Our Teams continue to provide expert legal advice, albeit remotely, to follow current Government guidelines. Whether you are located in the surrounding areas including Skegness, Boston, Louth, Lincoln or Grimsby, throughout rural Lincolnshire, or beyond, we can help you. To contact us submit a contact form or call us on 01754 897150.