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Lisa Wilkinson Celebrates 20 Years of Service at Hodgkinsons Solicitors

Industrial Disease Lawyer, Lisa Wilkinson, receives an award for 20 years of service at leading Lincolnshire law firm, Hodgkinsons Solicitors, Skegness.

Lisa Wilkinson Celebrates 20 Years of Service at Hodgkinsons Solicitors

2nd January 2021 marks a very special occasion for Senior Litigation Executive, Lisa Wilkinson, as she celebrates 20 years of service here at Hodgkinsons Solicitors. To mark this 20-year milestone Lisa was presented with a gift and flowers by Senior Director, Steve Hill, on Wednesday 13th January to honor her many years of hard work for the Company. 

Lisa Wilkinson plays a vital role in our Company as a Lawyer within our Industrial Disease Unit. In her role, Lisa helps victims of industrial diseases to get the compensation, treatment, and support they need for their future.

Lisa joined Hodgkinsons in 2001 and has in excess of 20 years of experience in dealing with both straightforward and complicated personal injury claims. Lisa has had an exceptional career here at Hodgkinsons in which she has successfully represented Clients who have developed illnesses and conditions due to being the victim of road traffic accidents and workplace accidents. In one particular case, Lisa obtained a settlement reaching in excess of half a million pounds.

Since joining our Industrial Disease Unit in recent years she has established a particular reputation for successfully handling Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims against employers that have negligently exposed their employees to excessive noise levels. Her expertise in this field of law allows her to act for Clients who have been exposed to excessive noise levels in a variety of occupations including steel works, glass works, mining, construction, and the manufacturing of metals and motor vehicles.

Throughout her career Lisa has developed a unique ability to be able to locate crucial information on cases where an individual’s past employer may no longer be in business. She has a specialist skill in which she can trace the relevant insurance details to enable her to successfully pursue a Company for negligence, even where the exposure may have occurred many years ago.

Lisa Wilkinson commented: “My line of work can be challenging, but the challenges only make you more dedicated to helping victims in need. Knowing that you are helping to improve someone’s life makes the hard work worthwhile. I am proud to be in this field of work and I thank Hodgkinsons for providing me with the opportunity to be able to do it.”

We would like to congratulate Lisa on reaching such a fantastic milestone in her career. Recognition for long standing staff members is integral to Hodgkinsons’ structural success. As a Company we hope to see many more staff members reach these key milestones.

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