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Disputes regarding employment can be stressful, especially when the employee feels the need to resign their position, which is why Hodgkinsons Solicitors are here to help. If you are concerned that your employer is not treating you in accordance with the terms set out in your employment Contract, or that your employee is not fulfilling their duties as proposed by the Contract, let Hodgkinsons help you to resolve your Employment Contract Dispute.

A Contract of employment is a legally binding document which sets out the terms and conditions of your employment which is why it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. A Contract will set out details such as your working hours, pay, holiday entitlement, bonuses, commission, sickness absence, sick pay and notice period. There are various reasons why an employee or employer may raise a dispute regarding a Contract of employment. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise when there has been a breach of Contract, in which one party breaks the terms of the Contract, or if the employer tries to change a Contract without agreement from the employee. Common types of Employment Contract Disputes often include:

  • An increase in workload or responsibility
  • Unfair Treatment
  • Redundancy
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Unfair Deductions from Pay
  • Unclear Job Role
  • Poor work environment

How we can help

Our Solicitors are experts in providing advice and guidance to employees and employers to help them to resolve disputes. This can often be achieved through negotiation or through mediation. If the issue cannot be solved, our Team will help to take legal action by representing you at an Employment Tribunal.  

Through their many years of experience and knowledge in this field of Law, our Employment Experts can help by:

  • Advising on how the Employment Contract determines your rights;
  • Advising on your entitlements in accordance to your Employment Contract;
  • Providing guidance when you have a complaint regarding your Employment Contract;
  • Providing guidance on what steps to take when a breach of Contract has occurred;
  • Checking that Employment Contracts comply with legal requirements and making recommendations to prevent any future complications and disputes from arising.

Whether you require legal advice on specific points of your Employment Contract or you would like legal representation regarding an Employment Contract Dispute, our Team of Specialist Employment Solicitors can help you.

Warning: It is important to note that employees must make a claim to an Employment Tribunal within 3 months of ending their employment. Employers then have 6 weeks from when they receive a copy of the claim to decide whether to make a counter-claim. We therefore recommend that you contact our Solicitors as soon as possible.

Why choose our Employment Solicitors?

Our specialist Team of Dispute Resolution Solicitors are experts in handling Employment Law Disputes of all kinds, including Employment Contract Disputes. Our Team have many years of experience when acting on behalf of an individual with both complex and challenging Employment Contract Disputes. They have an exceptional understanding of the pressures such disputes can have on both the employee and the employer. Raising a dispute regarding an Employment Contract can be unsettling and unnerving as there is almost always a concern for the individual’s job. During this stressful time Hodgkinsons Solicitors, Skegness, can help you to limit the stress involved in the process and to minimise the level of disruption caused by the dispute.

Throughout your Employment Contract Dispute our Team of Solicitors will always provide you with support to protect your rights in the workplace and they will always act within your best interests to achieve the best outcome.

Whether your employment Contract is new or existing, is written or is an oral agreement, our Dispute Resolution Solicitors can provide advice on employment Contracts, consultancy agreements or Contracts for services for those who are employed or those who are currently or have recently been dismissed.

If you would like legal advice regarding your position to bring an employment claim, contact our Team of Skegness based Employment Solicitors who will assess your options, decide whether your claim is valid and advise you on what steps to take going forward. Our Employment Solicitors are adept in helping Claimants nationwide, often acting for Clients in Skegness, rural Lincolnshire, the East Midlands and beyond to include Boston, Louth, Grimsby and Lincoln. To get in touch call Hodgkinsons Solicitors, Skegness, on 01754 897150 or submit an online contact form and a member of the Team will be in touch.