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Insurance Brokers

The need for insurance and complexity of insurer needs is ever increasing from personal insurance to business insurance. Frequently, a claim against an Insurance Broker comes to light following an Insurer declining cover in response to a claim against a policy. We have expertise in dealing with such claims taking a two pronged approach: robustly challenging the Insurers decision to decline cover and pursuing a claim against the Broker.

How we can help

We have expertise in dealing with a range of claims against Brokers including failing to arrange adequate insurance so that the policy does not cover all the relevant risks and Client’s needs, delays in arranging cover, failing to advise on the policy terms and conditions, and issues surrounding non-disclosure. 

We understand that one of the biggest concerns Clients have when considering whether to pursue claims through Solicitors is the legal costs involved. We can provide initial advice through a telephone call or meeting to advise you whether the claim is worth pursuing. If you decide to pursue the case further, we have a variety of funding options available which do not necessarily involve you paying costs up front. In certain cases, we are able to offer No Win No Fee agreements.

If you are looking for legal advice regarding a potential Professional Negligence Claim call our Dispute Resolution Lawyers on 01754 897150 or to request a call back submit a contact form