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Motorcycle Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a Motorcycle Accident call our Personal Injury Team for a free consultation to claim compensation on 01754 897150 or start your claim online and we will call you.

Statistics reveal a 69% increase of motorcycles registered in the UK over the past 2 decades and account for 3.9% of total vehicles registered. This equates to approximately 1.2 million active motorcyclists on the roads.

Sadly, the statistics also confirm that injuries to motorcyclists are still out of proportion to their presence on our roads. It is estimated that per mile travelled, motorcyclists are approximately 26 times more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries than car occupants.

Studies reveal the most common reasons for motorcycling accidents are caused by reasons beyond the control of the motorcyclist and include drivers failing to see the motorcyclist, cars changing lanes or overtaking into the path of the motorcyclist, cars colliding with the rear of the motorcycle and poorly maintained roads.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists remain vulnerable to serious injury as a result of the lack of protection a motorcycle provides when compared to a motor car. Head, arm and leg injuries are the most common injuries sustained in a road traffic collision and are often serious causing permanent disabilities.

How we can help

If you are a motorcyclist or pillion passenger and have been injured in a road traffic accident we can help you make a claim. Our Motorcycling Accident Team has over 39 years of experience dealing with claims for compensation for victims of road traffic accidents ranging from minor injuries to serious injuries including brain injuries, amputation injuries, spinal injuries and fatal injuries requiring specialist legal and medical knowledge.

98% of our Clients who have participated in our client survey rated our personal injury claims service as excellent and would recommend us to others.

To find out more call our Motorcycling Accident Team on 01754 897150 or start your claim online.