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Children & Parenting

As a parent you will have to make difficult decisions about your children. Upon separation you are free to make whatever arrangements for your children in relation to where and with whom they will live. It is certainly going to be in your child's best interest if you can agree the arrangement between yourselves.

If you and your partner cannot agree which of you your children should live with, or how often each of you should see the children, or how parental responsibility should be exercised, then either parent may apply to the Court for a decision. It is only in the event that parents cannot agree and one party makes an application, that the Court will be asked to make one of the following orders:

  1. Residence Orders
  2. Contact Orders
  3. Prohibited Steps Orders
  4. Specific Issue Orders

We are sensitive to these issues and have the expertise to help parents to resolve their disputes in the best possible interests of the children.

Our Family Law Team has over 39 years of experience dealing with all legal issues in respect of children and parenting.

To find out more call our Family Law Team on 01754 897150 or submit your enquiry online.