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More and more people are choosing not to enter into marriage or civil law partnerships but to live together instead.

English law does not recognise the concept of the common law spouse. This means that if your relationship ends, you may not have any automatic rights to a property if your name does not appear on the deeds. Furthermore, Cohabitants do not have any right to receive maintenance for themselves from their former partner.

Cohabitation is a very complex area of law and if you and your partner are living together, we recommend you get advice about your situation. For all sorts of reasons, the law is not well equipped to deal with cohabiting couples. This means that your wishes for the future may not be taken into account.

Our Family Law Team has a good knowledge of cohabitation law and is very experienced in this complex area and can help you to protect your interests. For example we can draw up a Cohabitation Agreement, advise you on making a Will, or draw up a Trust Deed in relation to the property to safeguard you and your partner's interests.

Our Family Law Team has over 39 years of experience dealing with all legal issues surrounding cohabitation.

To find out more call our Family Law Team on 01754 897150 or submit your enquiry online.