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Divorce Solicitors, Lincolnshire

Divorce proceedings can be one of the most difficult and emotional times you will ever go through. Our Family Law Team has the specialist knowledge and experience to advise on all aspects of divorce including the division of family assets such as homes, pensions and savings. We also offer advice on how divorce can affect family businesses or partnerships.

Divorce proceedings are usually started by one spouse (the Applicant) filing a divorce application at Court. The new law now however only requires one ground for divorce, namely ''that the marriage has broken down irretrievably''. The following facts must apply to enable an Applicant to be entitled to a divorce: -

  • They have been married for over one year;
  • The marriage is legally recognized in the UK;
  • The UK is the party’s permanent home or that of their spouse;
  • Their marriage has permanently broken down.

It is now no longer possible to defend a divorce application. As long as the divorce application is served on the Respondent and proven to a Court, a divorce may be granted. Once served on the Respondent there is then a minimum 20 weeks “reflection period” before he or she can apply for the Conditional Order. A further 6 weeks after that, the Court will issue the Final Order. It is the Final Order which then formally dissolves the marriage.

Within the new 2022 Family Law Guidelines for divorce, a couple amicably separating may apply for a Divorce together to end their marriage.

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