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Civil Partnerships

In December 2005, the Civil Partnership Act came into force. The effect of entering into a civil partnership with your partner is to place you in virtually the same position as a married spouse. You have a similar position on tax, state benefits, pensions and inheritance. Children born of either partner are treated as children of your family.

From December 2014, it has been possible for couples to apply to have a civil partnership legally converted to a marriage.

If you are thinking of entering into a civil partnership, we will advise you about all the implications of such a commitment. Some people may wish to seek the protection of a Pre-Partnership Agreement which has the same impact of a Pre-Marital Agreement.

We can also act for you in the event that your civil partnership breaks down. In these circumstances you will need to apply for a dissolution which is the equivalent of divorce. We can assist you through the legal process of the dissolution, and in disentangling your finances. We can advise you and represent you in the event that the arrangements for the children are not agreed.

Our Family Law Team has many years of experience dealing with civil partnership issues.

To find out more call our Family Law Team on 01754 897150 or submit your enquiry online.