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Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse affects large numbers of people every year. It can include both physical or psychological abuse which can be in the form of threats of physical or sexual violence, harassment, intimidation or coercion.

Domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of their marital status, gender, religion, race or age. Domestic abuse can also be very damaging to any children who are involved either directly or by witnessing the suffering of a family member. Whatever its nature, abuse is unacceptable and it should be stopped.

Court Orders can be made without the other person being informed of your application until after the Court Order has been made and served on them. These are called Non-Molestation Orders which prohibit the other person from using or threatening violence or being abusive, harassing or pestering you.

The Court can also make an Order limiting and defining the occupation of your home. For example, it can prohibit the other person from coming into your bedroom, or it can exclude the other person from the home altogether, even if he or she is the legal owner of that home.

Our Family Law Team has over 39 years of experience dealing with victims of domestic abuse.

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