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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a firm, we are committed and driven when it comes to helping the wider community and local environment. Our Staff devote their time and energy in to raising as much awareness as possible for local charities and organisations.

We make it our sole aim to ensure every member of our firm has a core understanding of what is involved in charitable awareness to guarantee help and support to those in need.

Charitable Awareness

Each year we arrange a number of fun and exciting fundraising events and ensure we take part in local charitable activities.

In recent times we have been extremely successful in raising money and awareness for local charities such as ‘Keiths Rescue Dogs’.

For the past few years we have taken the decision to support ‘St Barnabas Hospice’ and are driven when it comes to participating in as many events as possible to raise the standard of awareness this specialist charity deserves.

We have a number of employees who often take part in events such as the London Marathon, Charity Bike Rides and fun runs.

Whilst we choose to focus our main efforts on our local community and immediate charities, we also ensure we take part in charitable events on a much larger scale such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.

Our company has a Team of dedicated staff to ensure we deliver an effective and positive result for all those involved whom we set out to help.

We would like to thank Hodgkinsons and its employees for their continued support towards our charity”.

 Keiths Rescue Dogs

Dementia Friendly & T.E.D Certified

In 2019 it was announced by the Government that by 2021 there will be 1 million people living with Dementia in the UK. This means that every 1 in 3 people born today will eventually be living with Dementia.

In recent years, through their outstanding service and empathetic work ethic, Hodgkinsons Solicitors have been recognised for their efforts to provide an excellent service and suitable environment which is tailored for elderly customers and those living with Dementia.

Dementia Friendly 

For many years Tina Hill, an Associate Chartered Legal Executive within our Wills and Probate Department, has been a Dementia Friend as well as being part of the Skegness Dementia Action Alliance. The association is a group of local professional individuals who share the same ethos and desire to make Skegness a Dementia Friendly Community. Tina often works with elderly Clients regarding Wills and Probate matters, making her the perfect advocate for this role.

Tina has since become the co-chair of the Skegness Dementia Action Alliance and a Dementia Champion. As a Dementia Champion Tina is able to pass on her knowledge to others in the workplace and the community. As a result of this, Hodgkinsons are proud to announce that they have become a Dementia Friendly organisation.

Through training our employees to become Dementia Friends, we have increased their understanding of those who are living with Dementia, inspiring them to be more aware, sympathetic and inclusive of their needs. At Hodgkinsons Solicitors it is our aim to make life easier for Clients with Dementia to ensure that they feel included and not at all isolated, intimidated or under pressure when they are in our business environment. As a Company we promise to provide encouragement, security and support to Clients with Dementia and ensure that they will always be understood and valued.

Our Company hopes that these efforts will help those living with Dementia to remain part of the community, allowing them to live better and more fulfilled lives.

T.E.D Age Friendly 

In 2018, Hodgkinsons Solicitors were awarded with an Age Friendly Business Award for their excellent customer service, high level of customer comfort, ability to present a clutter free environment, outstanding accessibility and clear marketing and communications. These factors determined our Company’s suitability for elderly customers and our efforts to adjust our services to suit the needs of specific Clientele.

At Hodgkinsons Solicitors we are determined to provide an exceptional customer experience, and this includes supporting as many people as possible aged 50 and over. We commit ourselves where possible to help such Clients to lead an enhanced quality of life, to ensure they do not feel lonely or isolated and to feel positive about their future by tailoring the design and delivery of our services and business to suit them.

As a Company we value the older generation and want to help to foster a positive view of ageing. We hope that this certification will embed our current and future Clients with the confidence that Hodgkinsons is a leading Company in the local area of Lincolnshire who commit themselves to the older generation by being nominated for and achieving this age-friendly award.